Bonniesongs’s unique style ranges from mandolin-based folk songs with sweet melodies to looping grungy polyrhythms created between guitar, vocals and drums. Her delicate vocal style brings a hush to the audience, telling stories of mice, birds, dinosaurs, death and video games. Bonniesongs’s ethereal qualities beguile you into a dreamlike trance in the style of contemporary folk/alternative artists such as Joanna Newsom and Bjork.

“Her lilting vocals float over gentle peaks of acoustic and electronic instruments, layered ethereally into what may be a moderately enchanted loop pedal.” Reef James Gaha, Caramel Animals

“(Bonnie)’s work makes great use of how conventional folk sounds, stylings and instruments can be flipped with a bit of imagination to become the basis for something more daring and scene-setting.” Jim Carroll, Irish Times

“Bonniesongs sound is a beguiling take on the indie-folk genre that makes use of her naturally gentle voice and ethereal music.” The Last Mixed tape